Make the most of Nairobi’s gorgeous weather in Sitawi Cottage – meaning good fortune in Swahili. Located near State House, this home is conveniently close to the Central Business District, Arboretum and Yaya Centre.

While many homes in this area are now apartments, this lovely three-bedroom flat boasts plenty of space, including two beautiful courtyards perfect for Nairobi days and a lush, green private garden.

The cottage bedrooms are well-proportioned and receive plenty of natural light. The home feature recently refurbished floors and bathrooms, and is fully furnished. The kitchen is spacious and well-equipped with new appliances. Sitawi Cottage’s tasteful furnishings are inspired by Kenya, and are paired with modern amenities such as a smart TV and fast internet. Leafy house plants complete the tranquil, homey environment.

The property also features a pleasant adjoining staff quarter, which can be converted into a home study, a guest room or store.

Rental of this property includes cleaning and laundry service, and we can arrange to cover all utilities in one package.  This peaceful home is extremely safe, being located in a gated community so near the presidential security of State House.

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